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Билингвы и книги на иностранных языках

Жанр: Билингвы и книги на иностранных языках
Котенок Пушинка, или Рождественское чудо, Вебб Холли
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Родители Эллы против животных в доме, а девочка с первого взгляда полюбила Пушинку. Маленькая робкая кошечка хотела бы стать котёнком Эллы. Она готова отправиться на поиски девочки. Вот только как её найти?.. В этой книге-билингве русский перевод расположен напротив английского текста, так что следить за сюжетом будет легко. Интересные обороты и сложные грамматические конструкции поясняются в постраничных сносках-комментариях. С любимыми историями английский изучать легко и интересно!
Minibug Friends
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"The snail wears a shell, it slithers along. The long-legged grasshopper chirrups a song! " From scuttling spiders to wriggly caterpillars, meet an assortment of weird bugs and find out what s happening in the world of creepy-crawlies! This chunky but lightweight and child-friendly board book is packed with charming illustrations and lively rhyming text. Guaranteed to entertain young children, while subtly teaching them about colours, bugs and more.
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A humorous story about a girl who treats her beloved pet rabbit like a toy, until she experiences a vivid dream where their roles are reversed and the girl is now the pet of her giant bunny! This enlightening and entertaining tale, told with charming illustrations, teaches children about the importance of treating animals with respect.
Little Learners. Put on a Show
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A fantastic and fun activity book--with 350 STICKERS! --to delight little learners. With eight pages of stickers to choose from, children will enjoy spending hours accessorizing pages, and looking for, finding, and counting things in every picture. «I spy» games around the edge of each illustration encourage discussion and interaction. Let’s put on a show! This engaging book takes you inside a theater where children participate in productions of Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, Treasure Hunt, and other beloved tales. Young readers can then put their stamp on each page using some of the 350 stickers.
Little Learners. Go to Town
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A fantastic and fun activity book--with over 350 STICKERS! --to delight little learners. Let’s take a walk round the town and see what’s happening there! Young children will enjoy taking a peek at the different vehicles on the road; the bakery, supermarket, and other small shops; and the garage. Along the sides of each spread, fun questions encourage them to count, find, and point to the many things they’ve found--and there are over 350 stickers for decorating the pages!
Little Learners. Go to School
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A fantastic and fun activity book — with over 350 STICKERS! — to delight little learners. What will new students find when they go to school? This book helps them prepare! It takes kids into the classroom where they’ll learn all about science, math, art, storytime . . . and recess too! Along the way young readers will have fun answering questions, searching for patterns, and looking for familiar objects.
Lift-The-Flap. Words
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Early learners can practice their counting and reading skills with these enormously entertaining lift-the-flap books. In Words, the reader guesses the name of each object presented and then lifts the flaps to find the correct words. The design and interactivity of the books is such fun that young children won’t even realise they’re actually learning!
Life-Sized Bugs
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Meet the world’s most fascinating creepy-crawlies--in their real-life size! From the Asian tiger mosquito and the bombardier beetle to the large blue butterfly and the snowy tree cricket, this eye-opening guide presents to-scale images of the biggest and scariest bugs on the planet. There’s even a spectacular gatefold of the goliath birdeater spider! Along with the amazing pictures, there are salient facts about each species, maps showing where they’re found globally, and graphic comparisons of how every type compares to the average human hand. Life-Size Bugs helps children understand the wonders of nature, and encourages them to explore their local wildlife.
Life-Size Animal Tracks
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This eye-opening guide features to-scale representations of the prints left by all manner of animal species from across the globe, as well as salient facts about the different creatures. It will help young readers to identify an animal by the tracks it leaves, opening their eyes to the wonders of nature and encouraging them to explore and appreciate their local wildlife.
Learn, Press-Out & Play. Space
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Outer space awaits kids in this fun and informative activity book--which comes with 10 easy-to-make press-out models and 150 stickers! How big is the universe? What is a space station? How can we study space from earth? With this accessible, engaging, and interactive book, kids can explore outer space, from the moon and the sun to shooting stars and asteroids. Along with the bite-size chunks of information and lots of stickers, budding astronauts get 10 models to make, including a rocket, a rover, Saturn with its rings, and an astronaut. A spread in the center of the book is perfect for sticking the finished models.
Learn, Press-Out & Play. Safari Animals
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Come on a safari with this colorful activity book--complete with ten press-out models and more than 150 stickers! Why do giraffes have such long necks? How do lions live? Why is a water hole important? This entertaining activity book provides animal-loving children with plenty of facts and fun about impalas, hippos, cheetahs, and other amazing creatures! Featuring ten push-out cards kids can use to construct animals such as a giraffe, lion, elephant, and crocodile, it also includes more than 150 stickers and engaging bite-sized bits of information. A landscape spread in the center holds the completed models.
Learn, Press-Out & Play. Dinosaurs
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Meet the giants of the prehistoric age! This brilliantly designed activity book provides hours of interactive fun for young dinosaur fans! It contains ten amazing press-out models and more than 150 stickers, along with plenty of bite-sized facts about these astonishing creatures, plus a pronunciation guide. There’s also a fantastic landscape spread where kids can place their completed models.
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