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Tartarin de Tarascon

Автор: Daudet Alphonse
Издательство: Black cat
Год издания: 2020
ISBN: 9788853019424
Серия: LeS*e A2
Наличие: на складе

In the town of Tarascon, in the South of France, Tartarin is a hero. He’s a great hunter, much admired by the townspeople. But hunting bores Tartarin, and he dreams of adventures in far-off lands. One day, he decides to go lion hunting in Africa… and so begin his fun adventures! Издание на французском языке.

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1941: France is invaded by Nazi Germany. 10-year-old Joseph and his brother, 12-year-old Maurice, live in Paris with their parents. They are Jews. To escape the anti-Jewish laws, the two children set off across the country on their own. Clever and bright, they manage to avoid a series of traps and escape the worst. A tragic true story, yet full of hope and love. Издание на французском языке.

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