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Издательство «Black cat»

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland NEd Bk +D +Web, Carroll Lewis
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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Bk +R, Carroll Lewis
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Emil und die Detektive, Kastner Erich
LyA CV A1, Black cat 2020, ISBN: 9788853019455
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Emil goes to Berlin all by himself. His mother gives him some money to take to his grandmother there, but it disappears on the train! Emil knows who the thief is, and wants to find the man. And so the hunt begins, but can Emil really get his money back? Gustav mit der Hupe, Pony Hutchen and other young detectives will help him out.
Treasure Island, Stevenson Robert Louis
R&T B1.2, Black cat 2020, ISBN: 9788853019356
1804руб Купить
One day in eighteenth-century Bristol, an old sea captain arrives at an inn. This is where young Jim Hawkins adventures begin. After finding a treasure map, Jim set sails to find the mysterious Treasure Island in the company of Dr Livesey, Squire Trelawney and the ship’s cook, Long John Silver. An exciting tale of pirates, mutiny and buried treasure; will the voyage end as well as they had hoped?
The Picture of Dorian Gray, Wilde Oscar
R&T B1.2, Black cat 2020, ISBN: 9788853019394
1804руб Купить
When the beautiful young Dorian Gray sees his portrait, he understands that it will remain beautiful forever and that he will grow old. He makes a wish that will change not only his looks but also his soul. As he lives a life of pleasure and sin, the portrait shows the signs of his corruption.
Un sac de billes, Joffo Joseph
LeS*e A2, Black cat 2019, ISBN: 9788853018403
1804руб Купить
1941: France is invaded by Nazi Germany. 10-year-old Joseph and his brother, 12-year-old Maurice, live in Paris with their parents. They are Jews. To escape the anti-Jewish laws, the two children set off across the country on their own. Clever and bright, they manage to avoid a series of traps and escape the worst. A tragic true story, yet full of hope and love. Издание на французском языке.
Tartarin de Tarascon, Daudet Alphonse
LeS*e A2, Black cat 2020, ISBN: 9788853019424
1804руб Купить
In the town of Tarascon, in the South of France, Tartarin is a hero. He’s a great hunter, much admired by the townspeople. But hunting bores Tartarin, and he dreams of adventures in far-off lands. One day, he decides to go lion hunting in Africa… and so begin his fun adventures! Издание на французском языке.
A Study in Scarlet, Doyle Arthur Conan
Reading & train, Black cat 2020, ISBN: 9788853019387
1804руб Купить
A Study in Scarlet is the very first Sherlock Holmes story which brought great fame to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This incredible adventure of lost love and terrible revenge crosses two continents. It is a bewildering and macabre mystery for Scotland Yard, until Sherlock Holmes examines the case in depth with the help of his friend, Doctor Watson.
Le racisme explique a ma fille, Jelloun Ben
LyA CV A1, Black cat 2020, ISBN: 9788853019417
1804руб Купить
Merieme is ten years old. She’s a curious girl and wants to know what racism is. Her father answers all her questions, telling her why some people are racist, how we can fight their ideas and why racism is dangerous. And he explains why differences enrich us. Издание на французском языке.
Poil de carotte, Renard Jules
LeS*e CV A2, Black cat 2019, ISBN: 9788853018410
1638руб Купить
Freckled and red-haired, young Poil de Carotte lives with his tyrannical mother, an indifferent, often-absent father and a brother and sister who love to play pranks. Read the story of his adventures to see how our hero manages to get by! Издание на французском языке.
The Nightingale, Andersen Hans Christian
Earlyreads, Black cat 2020, ISBN: 9788853019325
1182руб Купить
The Emperor of China invites the nightingale of the forest to stay at court. She sings beautifully and everyone loves her. Things change when a colourful artificial bird arrives in the palace. The nightingale is not anymore the favourite one and flies away. All of a sudden the Emperor is not well and realises that what he needs is that beautiful, real singing. Will the nightingale ever be back?
Murder on the Orient Express, Christie Agatha
Reading & train, Black cat 2020, ISBN: 9788853019370
1804руб Купить
A murder is discovered on the Orient Express, just as snow stops the train in the mountains for days. There is a killer on board — but who is it? World-famous detective Hercule Poirot promises to find the truth, in one of Agatha Christie’s greatest and most popular mysteries.
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Издательство «Книма»

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